Pikes Peak race postponed due to wild fires

Well this is disappointing. We have been planning for months to leave on Monday on an epic motorcycle road trip across the country. One of the main highlights of the trip was supposed to be attending the Pikes Peak race in Colorado Springs, and camping on the mountain at 11,000 ft. Looks like that isn’t going to happen now. Officials announced this week that the the race would have to be postponed due to an enormous wildfire  right near the mountain.  (http://www.usacracing.com/ppihc/news_ppihc/5439.html) (How to track Colorado’s Waldo Canyon Super Fire)
I can’t imagine living in an area prone to wild fires, I hope people stay safe and the damage is limited. I feel fortunate that we don’t have to go any where near this disaster.

However, this does create a small problem for us. We’d basically scheduled our trip around attending the race. Our tickets and camping permits are paid for. There are no refunds. Officials are working furiously to schedule a new date for this summer, insisting that the race will not be cancelled completely. One option is to delay our trip start until a new date is announced, and then re-schedule the trip around the new date. This is problematic for many reasons, not least of which is that no one knows how bad this fire will be, or when it will end. We have time to go on the trip now, and while we can afford to be a bit flexible on time, there are limits. Plus, we also have plans with other people that we are looking forward to, and one other reservation that’s paid for, and we don’t want to wait too long and miss those opportunities.

So right now, we’re still planning on leaving in two days. We just won’t get to see the race, or ride up Pikes Peak. If we can make the re-scheduled date, whenever that will be, great. If not, we’ll just have to try and sell or donate our tickets. This trip is still going to be amazing, but the fact that we’ll most likely not be able to attend the race or ride the mountain is disappointing. Looks the the adventure has started before we’ve even left home.

(Map of US Wildfires)

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