Not leaving tomorrow

Our 5 week (+/-) motorcycle trip was supposed to start tomorrow. However, the latest news from Pikes Peak is that officials are going to announce the new date for the race by this Tuesday evening.  Therefore, delaying our start by only two days will give us a better chance to plan around the new date, if its going to be possible to do that at all. It all depends.

Plus, we really could use an extra couple of days. We were all set to leave this Monday, and then a bunch of stuff happened that required Kevin’s time, and now we’re not really ready to leave tomorrow. Even without making a last ditch effort to see the race, we still wouldn’t leave until at least Tuesday.

For example, my motorcycle still wasn’t quite ready until this evening. The dealership wanted to charge $300 for the first service, which is basically a glorified oil change, so no thank you, we’ll just do that ourselves.

After going through the rest of the checklist (checking chain tension, brake and clutch fluid, etc.) to make sure the bike is ready to travel, he also finished the wiring for the the heated grips and jacket for me.

Other than actually packing the bikes, we are now ready to leave. I am really excited to go, so hopefully we’ll find out on Tuesday what the new plan is going to be.

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One Response to Not leaving tomorrow

  1. Bill Bell says:

    Good luck on your trip, keep us posted on your progress

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