Epic Western US Motocamping Adventure

Starts tomorrow!

We’re celebrating independence day by going on another awesome motorcycle touring adventure. We’ve both wanted to ride out west for a long time, so this summer, we’re making it happen. While we’ve technically been planning this trip for months, and have lots of destinations in mind, this is our vacation, so we’re not beholden to any particular schedule or destination. Mostly, we’ll try to find awesome roads to ride (and stay off the interstate as much as possible), hopefully visit a few friends, and go watch some racing. As previously mentioned, one of our few pre-trip commitments was buying tickets to the Pikes Peak race in Colorado Springs. As of tonight, that is re-scheduled for August 12. We’ll see how we feel when we get closer to that time, but right now the plan is to stay out on the road until then so we can go to the race. For now, we’re going to make our way across the country, with the goal of seeing some friends in Seattle.

While this is the largest trip we’ve ever done, I think we’re ready. The Nova Scotia adventure in 2010 was about three weeks, and we both agreed then that we could have kept going. Since then we’ve gotten two new bikes, and have an even greater desire to explore by motorcycle. This is going to be awesome.

Happy fourth!

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