Western US Moto Adventure 7/5/2012: KY – Life is good, if a bit warm

After staying up the night before, we slept in a little this morning. The sun kept me from sleeping too long though, as our tent was fully exposed to the morning sun, and the rising heat in the tent woke me up.

Before getting on the road in earnest, we stopped by Cumberland falls so we could see it in the daylight. We may not have gotten to see the moonbow, but the morning sun gave us a pretty nice regular rainbow to appreciate.

As on every trip, we rarely ride by a dam or hydropower plant without stopping to check it out. We stopped briefly at the wolf creek dam:

And rode over the Barren creek dam, but opted to keep riding rather than stop so soon for more pics.

Even though its only the second day into the trip, we had to take time to find a motorcycle shop. The left grip on my handlebar decided it was too hot to stay in place, and was trying to slowly slide off. Every couple of hundred miles, Kevin would push it back up the bar. Since it wasn’t going to fix itself, we procured a little bit of tie wire and borrowed some pliers. A few minutes later, and Kevin had the problem solved:

In an effort to stay cool and hydrated in the 100 + degree temps, we stopped quite a bit this afternoon. One of the many historic places we rode past was the Jefferson Davis national monument. For us, stopping here mostly had the advantage of having an air conditioned gift shop. However, there was also an obelisk built around 1920 to mark the birthplace of Jefferson Davis. To thank them for letting us cool down in the air conditioning, and also because it looked fun, we paid the small free to ride the elevator to the top of the 300+ foot tall obelisk.

This pic presented without comment:

As an aside, western KY is apparently Mennonite country. We saw many women in plain, solid color dresses riding bicycles, scuff marks from horse shoes in the middle of the road, and of course lots and lots of farm land (which I’m sure is not Mennonite specific).

Tonight’s campsite was in the Land between the Lakes in KY. This site was memorable mostly for the “wildlife,” which were actually just pests. After another “cool down” swim in the lake in the evening, which was also bathwater warm, we saw a skunk roaming the beach area. A family of raccoons also investigated our campsite later that evening, despite our protests. (The babies were very cute.) Mostly, however, I will remember the bees.

There were so many bees, and thankfully, neither of us got stung. I’m not sure what kind they were, or what they were after, but they were everywhere, and they were persistent. There were bees constantly buzzing around our heads, getting in the tent, trying to get in our food and in our saddlebags. It was actually kind of comical. After the sun went down though, they seemed to calm down and go to bed.

7/5/2012 – 287 miles.

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One Response to Western US Moto Adventure 7/5/2012: KY – Life is good, if a bit warm

  1. nchydroman says:

    We camped at the land between the lakes last year. Went out for a kayak ride in the evening. Nice park.

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