Western US Moto Adventure 7/10/2012: CO, UT

More excellent riding today, although we found more amazingly hot weather.

Leaving Black Canyon National Park:

First up, Grand Mesa, CO. This road passes over one of the largest high mesas in the world. I even had to turn on my heated grips to help stay warm as we rode this fantastic road at 11000 ft.

Rim Rock Rd near Grand Junction, CO might be one of the favorites. Its hard to tell, since there is so much to like here. We definitely stopped more to take pictures and read the information signs in the park.

Then we decided to cross the desert into Utah in the heat of the day. I think the temperature was something like 110 F, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t matter, we were hot. When we crossed the Colorado River, we decided to check it out more closely, clothes and all.

Air conditioning suitably re-charged, we rode toward Moab until we grew tired, and found a campsite at Big Bend. Primitive camping tonight at this Bureau of Land Management site along the river outside of Moab, Utah.

7/10/2012 – 248 miles.

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5 Responses to Western US Moto Adventure 7/10/2012: CO, UT

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Thurs. 7/12/2012 WOW — great blog — enjoy and stay safe. Uncle Bill

  2. Beth Engel says:

    This is so awesome, Amy!! It’s exciting reading about your adventures so I can vicariously live through them!! One question though: how do you know how much clothes to pack— do you stop to do laundry?

    • amytracker says:

      Hi Beth!!…We can both go about 5 days with mostly clean clothes. We definitely stop and do laundry (hotels and commercial campsites like a KOA will have a laundromat). If we camp too many places in a row without services, things start getting a bit crunchy. We sometimes hand wash/rinse things out at a campsite and hang dry them overnight to get us through until its more convenient to do laundry. This is less preferred though, cause if the air isn’t dry, the clothes are still damp in the morning.

      • Beth Engel says:

        Wow– that’s impressive!! I don’t know if I am the camper type….I need my amenities ;-) Must be so nice though to sleep under the stars outside. Do you bring a battery operated fan? It must be tough if it is too hot outside.
        – Beth :-)

        • amytracker says:

          Nope. No room for a fan. If its hot, we sweat. It can get pretty nasty actually. Since I didn’t see this comment until just now, I can tell you that we’ve done more primitive camping more nights in a row than ever before. Sometimes there’s no running water, but we’re getting good at it. If the weather is nice, I like it. You get used to being outside 24 hours a day, and its strange to come back in sometimes. My only complaint is when we go too many days in a row without finding a campground with a shower.

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