Western US Moto Adventure 7/7/2012: MO, KS – Into the blast furnace

That’s what Kevin calls it. My favorite analogy is that its like riding into a blow dryer. Or maybe riding in a hot car on a hot summer day with the windows down and the heater on full blast. You get the idea.

After saying goodbye to the geese, we had another reasonable start, and were on the road before 8am.

Passed through this little town in Missouri with a familiar name:

Mostly, we just wanted to put the miles on, and get through the hot, flat, boring part of the country. So far, Missouri and and Kansas were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Yes, there are lots of flat, straight roads, and it was really hot, and its mostly just farmland. But, you can go really fast, and I thought this part of the country is not without a certain charm.

One of our pre-planned points of interest we wanted to hit was the Museum of Independent Telephony in Abilene, KS. It seemed like it would make a nice afternoon break, and it fits in with our (and especially Kevin’s) appreciation for the history of tech. This afternoon, it also had the major advantage of being air conditioned.

We escaped the heat for a little while and had a pretty good time. For a single topic museum, it had a lot of good info, and tons of old phones. We learned that Sprint has it origins in this little Kansas town, which grew from a company started by a guy who crudely converted a grist mill to make electricity, to run the towns first telephone system.

Plus, it had interactive exhibits for the kids:

As evening approached, we found our planned camp spot. Since it was about 7pm and we were hungry, we set up and ate dinner at the picnic table before setting up camp. After satiating our hunger, we started to re-evaluate our immediate plans. Severe thunderstorms were all around us, and rolling in fast. Faced with fairly adverse weather, no running water or electricity, pit toilets, no real shelter, and some sort of vicious biting insect that was eating me alive despite the fact that I was soaked in Deet, we (mostly me), gave up, and I found an inexpensive little hotel in town.

Besides the obvious comforts and amenities (included breakfast, yum), the free wifi-fi is allowing us to do some much needed planning for the next few days, and actually update the blog.

7/7/2012 – 383 miles.

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