Western US Moto Adventure 7/8/2012: KS, CO – *sigh of relief*, this is more like it

I think this is our highest mileage day so far (maybe ever?) at 449. On this trip, we’ve generally been doing about 350 or so. Closer to home, we rarely go over 300 in a day. I think we were able to do this because our route was mostly high speed straight roads through sparsely populated areas, and because THE HEAT WAVE FINALLY BROKE. For once, we rode all day in comfort, and somehow managed to mostly avoid the rain.

All roads in Kansas are high speed highways:

These little oil rigs are everywhere out here, but we’ve only ever seen them from a distance. This one was right near the road:

(Showing the multi where its food comes from.)

There were actually quite a few neat things to see in the part of the country. For example: The Fort Larned National historic site, which restores and preserves a military outpost that helped guard the Santa Fe Trail. The Trail was one of America’s most important trading routes in the 1800’s, with commercial traffic traveling between Independence, MO and Santa Fe. What’s especially neat about this site is the remarkable condition of so many of the original stone buildings. The officers quarters even have the original floors. There was actually enough history at this site to keep us interested for awhile, but we opted for the short tour so we could get back on the road.

Further west along route along route 50 in Kansas, we came across yet another town with a familiar name:

Not long after that came the huge milestone of crossing into Colorado: We are officially out west:)

After reaching our original destination fairly early in the afternoon, we decided that given our luck with the weather, and the fact that we would not have much to do if we hung around camp all afternoon, to keep riding. We made it all the way to Lake Pueblo State Park in Colorado, and decided to set up camp, despite the ominous looking clouds in the distance. That was warning sign number one. Warning sign number two was the wind. I’m not sure we’ve ever set up a tent with the wind blowing that hard before, which was sort of its own adventure. (As you can see, it was really windy).

After cooking dinner, we concluded that the weather was really going to roll in, and we’d better hunker down. It rained on us pretty hard that night, with severe thunderstorms (including lightening, oh joy) passing within a mile of camp. That’s pretty close for comfort, but the tent held up, and we mostly stayed dry.

7/8/2012 – 449 miles.

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