Western US Moto Adventure 7/9/2012: CO

This morning started with a muddy and sandy mess of a campsite (Lake Pueblo State Park, CO, is decidedly not one of our favorite places to camp, even in good weather), but a promising view of the mountains:

Our first item today was to ride skyline drive near Canon, CO. This is one of the strangest, least useful, but really cool roads I’ve ever seen. At just a few miles, its basically a one lane paved path that follows a narrow ridge. File this one under: confronting fear of heights. I’m not sure the pictures really do it justice, but the road is basically 500-1000 ft above the valley floor, with sheer drop offs on each side. The views were pretty good from up there.

Heading west in Colorado:

Next up was the Cottonwood Pass, which passes over the continental divide. There is a really nice, curvy paved road that climbs up to the 12000+ ft summit, and then 15 miles of hard pack dirt road.

After this was supposed to be some nice riding as we headed into town, but instead we found ourselves on another 15 mi of seemingly never ending construction, which was also all off pavement. This was definitely a challenging section for me on a fully loaded bike with street tires. (Also dusty. By the end of this section, we had completed our transition into dirty biker scum, if that hadn’t happened already.)

We grew tired of riding just before Montrose, CO, and found a campsite in the Black Canyon National Park.

Despite the occasional rain shower, this was a fun day riding across Colorado.

7/9/2012 – 279 miles.

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