Western US Moto Adventure 7/16/2012: OR – Crater Lake National Park

The weather was still cold and damp as we left the hotel in the morning. I wasn’t to be deterred, however, from the obligatory tourist photo op. I wasn’t leaving northern California until I had driven through a Redwood, and to Kevin’s credit, he never once complained.

Since we weren’t actually being rained on, and we were warm, rested, and well fed this morning, we were more open to stopping for photos. 4716 miles since July 4th 2012, and we had finally reached the Pacific ocean.

It cleared up for a little while as we headed inland, and the ride was very scenic as we crossed into Oregon.

The riding was nice, and then progressively got colder and more overcast was we approached Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. I’m still really glad we decided to squeeze in a small trip to Crater Lake. Honestly, I wish we had skipped the California coast, and stayed there two nights. Its really stunning. We had a little bit of time to ride around and explore a bit before it started raining.

I’m not sure how Kevin convinced me to set up in the cold rain, but he did. There was a hotel on site (didn’t check prices, its probably expensive). Basically, we set the tent up, I got inside to set up the the sleeping bag and ground pads, and I only left the tent once the rest of the evening. Kevin stood outside in his rain gear and helmet and cooked dinner, and then we ate inside the tent. The temperatures were in the 40s that night, and I wore all of my layers to stay warm.

7/16/2012 – 217 miles. My lasting impression of Oregon: gorgeous scenery, hitchhikers, logging trucks, aggravating full service gas stations.


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