Western US Moto Adventure 7/20/2012: WA – Seattle

I don’t have any pictures from today. If we took the boring route up the superslab, we still had over 300 miles to make it to our destination in Seattle by evening, which is a pretty full day. That, plus the cold, cloudy, occasionally drizzly weather took sight seeing beautiful views of the mountains in the area out of the equation. Sorry Collin, we skipped 242. There was no point in 40 miles of wet, curvy road with no views. Blame the weather, or we would have gone.

We made our way west towards I-5 layered in both the heated gear and rain gear, and stopped just briefly at an auto parts store to pick up a replacement fuse for the one we’d blown this morning trying to jump Kevin’s bike with mine (if you are counting, this is the second time this trip his bike wouldn’t start). I-5 was as boring, busy, and tiring as expected, but overall today wasn’t bad. We were looking forward to seeing friends in Seattle, and the the end of our day picked up considerably when we arrived at our friend Dave’s house. We spent the evening with Dave, Susie, and Dave’s Mom, who was visiting from Miami, and went out to a delicious salmon dinner.

Dave and Susie graciously put us up in their brand new apartment. They live in downtown Seattle, and had just signed a new lease with a different apartment the day we arrived. For two weeks, they have two apartments. So while we were there, we basically had our own guest apartment in downtown Seattle, which was as awesome as it sounds. Thanks guys!

Better weather, good company, and good food ended the day on a positive note.

7/20/2012 – 325 miles. Even Kevin liked the salmon.

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