Western US Moto Adventure 7/22/2012: WA – Seattle, Boeing Tour

If you ever get a chance to tour the Boeing manufacturing plant in Seattle, do it. Dave actually works for Boeing, but didn’t mind taking us to work on Sunday to go on the tour (the tour is open to the public, you don’t have to know someone to go).

No pictures allowed on the actual tour, but we saw the Dreamlifter take off afterward. (The Dreamlifter was designed to bring components to this plant from all over the world for assembly of the brand new 787. Dave is an engineer for that project, which is pretty awesome).

The museum is free and pretty fun:

Lunch was at the Diamond Knot pub, which has decidedly better than average pub food:

The food is served raw and cooking on a hot stone, which was really fun, and also delicious. Of all the places we’ve been out to eat, this is my favorite so far (aside from the home cooked meals of course).

Kevin and I also needed to stop at REI, so the five of us made a trip there after the Boeing tour. We felt less bad about making Dave drive us around on our errands when going to REI because that place is like a candy store for adults. If you are an outdoor person, its probably wise to leave your wallet in the car. Seattle is the home of REI, so this was the largest store I have ever seen. Its a bit of a destination: there is a rock climbing wall, and trails to test out new bicycles. REI is probably the most fun I ever have while shopping.

Last stop before a delicious homemade dinner was the locks. It was windy and I was kind of cold, so I didn’t really take pictures. The locks are from the early 1900s, and the notable feature is the fish ladder. Salmon migration is a big deal here. This fish ladder is all set up for tourists to watch the fish, including a section with windows that let you view under the water.

It was surprisingly entertaining to watch the salmon struggle to swim upstream, and watch a fishing boat pass through the lock.

7/22/2012 – 0 miles. We are having a lot of fun in Seattle. Its pretty awesome having locals show you around a new city. Thank you Dave and Susie!

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