Western US Moto Adventure 7/25/2012: WA – Orcas Island

Several of our friends had recommended that we visit the San Juan Islands while we were in the area, so as much as we wanted to stay, it was time to get back on the road. We said our goodbyes on Wednesday, and headed out after lunch.

First stop was another motorcycle shop up the road. Kevin had called around and ordered a new battery for his bike, and this shop was able to get the specific one he wanted by 1pm the today. He changed the battery in the parking lot in 20 minutes, and we rushed out to try and make the first of three ferries that would take us out to Orcas Island. Hopefully, the starting issues with his bike are resolved.

We made the first ferry just in time. I think the boat left the dock within 60 seconds of us putting our kickstands down.

Our goal was to camp on Orcas island tonight, and sight see for a few hours on San Juan Island tomorrow morning. After getting off the ferry, we rode across the island with the intention of camping in Moran State Park, only we arrived to find a full campground. (This is apparently how it is near the coast, everyone likes to camp. By now we just expect to have to search around for a place to land for the night.). We continued down the road to the Doe Bay commercial campground beyond the park, and paid a whopping $60 for a tent site. I don’t even want to know what the prices would have been if we had to stay inside that night.

Despite the in-season pricing, this was a pretty interesting campground. Its the kind of place you expect to find a spontaneous drum circle, and we were disappointed when we didn’t hear one.

7/25/2012 – 137 miles. Orcas Island is a really beautiful place.

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