Western US Moto Adventure 7/29/2012: MT, ID – South into Idaho

Today we officially changed course, and threw out a good chunk of our original plan for this trip. After discussing some options in camp last night, we decided to trade a bunch of riding that would take us to the black hills area in South Dakota, for some other points of interest we originally couldn’t fit in (see the entry for tomorrow, it was totally worth it). Instead of heading directly for Yellowstone National Park, today we headed south back into Idaho.

First, however, we needed to re-supply, so we went shopping in Missoula, MT. We can carry about 5 days worth of food with us, but had run down most of our supplies over the last four days of camping. Stopping at grocery stores for oatmeal, nuts, dried fruits, beef jerky, tuna, etc. is no problem, but it takes a larger population center to find the freeze dried food we eat for dinner in camp.

Our other goal for the day was to watch the Moto GP race. We’ve missed two races this season already since being on the road, and I’ve given up hope of finding a way to see them. Today’s race, however, was at Laguna Seca (CA), which meant the race would be live in the afternoon, rather than an international race that likely airs at 8am. All we had to do was end up in a large enough town that would have a sports bar, and we could actually watch this one live.

So that’s how we ended up in a bar in Salmon, ID, in the heat of the afternoon. We chilled inside, out of the desert heat, watched the race, charged our gadgets, and used the wi-fi. All of our rest stops should be this great. I think I posted four blog posts during the commercials (stupid speed TV, interrupting the race….).

Then we rode south until we were ready to stop for the day, which ended up being at a BLM camp site west of Challis, ID.

Once again, the weather was dry. The difference in the desert is the temperature swings. I think it was over 90 during the day, and was in the lower 50s at night.

7/29/2012 – 242 miles of western Montana and Idaho. I think I might love Idaho. Just the green mountainous parts, not the desert. In the summer, when the weather is nice.

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