Western US Moto Adventure 8/01/2012: WY – Grand Teton National Park (Day 2)

During our exploration of the Colter Bay area of Grand Teton National Park yesterday, we discovered a small marina with boat rentals. A paddle on Jackson Lake sounded like the perfect morning activity, until we woke up to the cold and rain. Given that we are on vacation, we slept in instead, and then went to the restaurant for a hot breakfast that did not involve oatmeal, nuts, or dried fruit. We spent the rest of the morning near the on-site laundromat, using the wi-fi and cell reception to catch up on some business while the clothes were washed and dried.

By late morning, the weather had cleared, and had turned into a stunningly beautiful day. Time for that paddle on the lake.

We paddled around several small islands, and spotted this doe close to shore.


We also saw this little guy as we were leaving the marina. I was pretty sure it was a marmot, and Kevin has since confirmed via the internet that yes, this was a yellow bellied marmot (which Kevin says sounds like an excellent insult). He (she?) was only slightly unnerved by our presence, and mostly seemed content to eat some green grass like plant next to the path.

That was pretty much all we have to show for today. The late afternoon and evening involved more time on the internet trying to catch up on blogging, and more ice cream while walking a different path near the lake.

8/01/2012 – 0 miles. With all the nice weather, paddling the lake, eating out, and ice cream, its like we’re on vacation.

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