Western US Moto Adventure 8/06/2012: WY, CO

Nobody comes through this town without lookin’ at a map.”

That quote was probably the most memorable part of our day, as we rode south across the desert from no-where, Wyoming to no-where, Colorado. It was said by some old timer at the gas station in Walden, CO, when he saw us studying our map at the pumps. He’s probably right.

After leaving the campground this morning in Lander, WY, we traveled south and had lunch at a subway in Rawlins. From there we took routes 130 and 230 south into CO. At some point, we took a break from blasting along at high speed for a quick drink, snack, and to learn a bit about the Pony Express, which ran right through this part of the country.

On this trip, we’ve learned to appreciate historic markers in the middle of no-where. This made us laugh:

Today we spent a lot of time crossing the scrubby desert. Sometimes it was very windy, which I hate, and there was a little bit of rain, but not much. Mostly it threatened enough so that we would put on our rain gear, but then it wouldn’t really rain. Mostly I’m just glad it wasn’t hot.

We found camp tonight at the Willow Creek Campground, in Arapaho National Forest, CO. We set up in the dry, and but it got cold and rainy pretty quickly. Our neighbors were a group of people about our age, who actually live in the area. They had a nice campfire going, and we had a good time spending the evening with them until bedtime.

08/06/2012 – 306 miles. More desert. National forest campgrounds used to be a much better deal. Sometimes we still find them for $7-$10, and its a cheap way to travel. Lately, we’ve been paying $17, and not getting very much. If the location is really neat, its worth it, but a lot of National Forest campgrounds are just sort of dumpy, with sites that are crammed together.

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