Western US Moto Adventure 8/07/2012: CO – Mt. Evans, 14000+ ft, and mountain goats

The people we met in camp the night before work at the Cafe and bakery up the road, and suggested we go there to grab breakfast. Again, something other than oatmeal, nuts, and crazins sounded delicious, so we went. The weather cleared while we were eating, so we decided to take the scenic route east through Rocky Mountain National Park.

You can just see the elk grazing off the side of the road. If I weren’t completely aggravated by the crush of people in the park driving 20 mph on the only road, and if I didn’t already have elk pictures on the blog from this trip, I would have stopped and gotten a better picture. As it was, we did not care about seeing another picturesque mountain pass, or more elk, and just wanted to get out of the park, and away from the idiots.

After a rest and some lunch after exiting the park, it seemed like a better idea to ride up the highest paved road in the US, Mt. Evans, one of Colorado’s 14ers.

Ever since reaching the Rockies, Kevin has wanted to see a mountain goat or wild sheep. So far, we’ve been disappointed. However, today, after riding to over 14000 ft and finding temperatures in the upper 40s, we finally saw them. (The babies were ADORABLE, but I wasn’t able to get pictures of the littlest ones.)

The white ones are mountain goats. On top of the hill were brown sheep, in various stages of summer coat.

The sheep just wandered around the parking lot and restroom at the top.

Mt. Evans, CO, highest paved road in the US, 8/7/2012

It was early evening when we reached the bottom (of the portion of the road you pay to ride up, which is still at 11000 ft.), so we called it quits and camped at the Echo Lake Campground, located in the national forest, at the base of Mt. Evens, CO

08/07/2012 – 184 miles. Mountain goats.

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