Western US Moto Adventure 8/08/2012: CO – Pikes Peak

Two 14’ers in two days. We went for a short, 3 mile hike before packing up camp this morning at Mt. Evans, but I neglected to take any pictures. Since we weren’t sure if we’d get a chance to ride Pikes Peak on race weekend, we decided to take the opportunity today.

We don’t stay close to civilization that much, but our campground tonight is basically in Woodland Park, CO. Dominoes Pizza is two miles away, and they have a special right now: ½ off if you order online. 1 medium pizza for $7.87 coming right up. The ticket said this pizza did not even exist before 6:01 pm. By 6:31 pm, it was gone.

Yup. Really roughing it out here.

08/08/2012 – 151 miles. Pikes Peak is our second 14er. Staying at the Diamond RV Park and Campground, Woodland Park, CO, ’cause its time for more showers, laundry, and wi-fi. Its a nice quiet park with nice facilities, and under $25 for the pretty decent tent site.

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