Human Weapon on the History of Krav Maga

I train in Krav Maga because I want to learn effective self defense. Its also a fun hobby that keeps me in shape, pushes my physical and mental limits, and provides a way to meet some pretty neat people and make friends. (Honestly, after working from home, sometimes I need a little motivation to leave the house and interact with the world a bit).

The origin of Krav Maga is what makes it different and more effective as a self defense system than more traditional martial arts. Krav is the English language of martial arts, in that it takes the effective techniques from fighting styles from all over the world and combines them for use in real world situations. This video from the show “Human Weapon” provides a nice 2 minute intro to what Krav Maga is about:

(I don’t know how to embed the above video from the History Channel site, but I really like it as a 2 minute overview of KravMaga. The full 44 minute episode is below).

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