Hike at Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Its been unusually sunny and warm for the middle of November, too nice not to be outside (again).  Should we go for a ride or for a hike? Cody always votes for the hike. Where should we go? How about exploring somewhere new?

Smith Mountain Lake State Park is a bit of a drive, but it has miles of trails along the lake, and despite having lived in this area for 6 years, we’ve never been. It seems strange to drive well over an hour just to go for a walk, but most hobbies probably seem strange if you think about them too much, so we didn’t let that stop us.

Cody-approved break on the beach:

We enjoyed the walk, but Cody definitely had the most fun out of the three of us:)

This one is a bit blurry, but he’s having so much fun I had to include it anyway.

The rock wall probably pre-dates the park and the lake, when this land used to be homesteads and farmland.

The trails turned out to be very pretty and well-marked. Because they follow the lake, there isn’t much elevation change, so the hiking is pretty easy. There are benches and picnic tables every so often, and spots to sit with views out over the lake. It really is a walk in the park as opposed to an actual hike, but definitely worth the trip. We covered a loop of about 8 miles, which looks like about half of the available trails.

11/12/2012 – 8 miles hiking Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

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