So I joined I wasn’t going to, because I’m pretty sure I don’t need to join yet another website, much less another “social  media” group (ahem facebook, linkedin, and even wordpress…). But I did anyway. I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I’d like, and Goodreads is proving to be a really effective way of keeping my to-read list full, and keeping me excited about making time to read (as opposed to hanging out on the internet, which is easier.)

Goodreads is a bit like netflix (or maybe pandora) meets Amazon and facebook, but only for books. In my Goodreads account, I have lists of books: “read”( books I’ve already read, and rated from 1 to  5 stars), “currently reading,” and “to-read.” Those are the default lists, but you can make as many lists and define them however you want to (they call them “bookshelves,” and many people have a “favorites,” or “fiction” list etc.).

I find Goodreads useful for a few reasons: 1) as I “friend” other people I know who have joined goodreads, I can see their bookshelves, and see how they rated the books they’ve read. When you add in the ability to write reviews, its a bit like an online book club. 2) like Netflix, Goodreads uses your list and ratings to make suggestions. Combine that with thousands of user reviews (like Amazon), and its a fantastic tool for picking out new books to read. 3) I’ve never been very good about keeping a “to-read” list. I know there are a ton of books I want to read and haven’t read yet, but whenever I have time, I can never remember what they are. Goodreads keeps my list for me, accessible form anywhere that has internet. I can rank the books in the order I want to read them, and mark progress in the books I’m currently reading as I go along (useful if you are in an actual book club).

Goodreads is definitely geared toward people with a certain personality type like mine (to be charitable about it:), but right now I’m half-way through two books I’ve wanted to read for a long time, because Goodreads (or friends on Goodreads) reminded me of them.

Plus, just for fun, you, dear reader, will always know what I am reading at any given time. There is this neat widget that shows up in the right column of this page. Its linked to the “currently reading” list on my goodreads account. Any books I add to that list will show up here on the blog.

So if you read this blog and I know you, join Goodreads and friend me so I can see what books you’ve read and whether you liked them:)

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