Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New year

I did so well this year posting regularly to this space, at least once a week on average. Then around the end of November things just sort of petered out. We had a great time visiting family and friends up north for Thanksgiving, but I failed to take any pictures worth sharing. Then I got sick for a couple of weeks and didn’t do much but stay home. Then there was more work, preparing for the holidays, and more traveling down south for Christmas, and back to VA for New Years eve weekend. Lots of time on the road in December as always, but as always its also worth it. Now that its the last day of 2012, I’ve picked up another cough (this is very unusual for me, as I’ve had such a long streak of excellent health. I don’t get colds very often, so I’m pretty frustrated.) At least we were both healthy for all of our visits with family and friends.

So now you are caught up:) We’re both pretty excited about and looking forward to 2013, so I’m sure I’ll post about all the good stuff here as it happens. I hope everyone has a safe and happy and healthy new year!


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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New year

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Tues. 1/1/2013 Happy New Year —- hope that you are on the mend health wise. Uncle Bill

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