First Hike at Hanging Rock 2013

So hey. I have this blog, and sometimes I update it. Although not very much lately, apparently. The thing is, I’ve been sick, and the weather has been cold and terrible, so honestly, I haven’t left the house much yet this year. That makes for very boring blogging. Plus I haven’t had a lot of links that seem worth sharing.

Today, however, was beautiful outside, and for the first time this year, we’re both healthy (yea, I can breathe without coughing up a lung, woot). To celebrate, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather with our first hike at Hanging Rock this year (seriously, its in the 50’s and sunny, its pretty much impossible for it to be nicer weather for hiking.) Therefore, you get pictures:



Cody says “It’s awesome outside today! We went “on patrol” and I got to roll in the snow, get wet in a stream, and get muddy and dirty, it was great!”


I love hiking when there is still some snow on the ground, although it was pretty wet and muddy, or slushy, icey, and slippery in places.


We took our time on the Moore’s Wall loop. The visibility from the tower at the top was remarkable, “severe clear” as the pilots would say. After 4.5 miles, everyone was glad for the fresh air and exercise.

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