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Nothing like some fun horse stories to cheer you up on a cold and rainy winter day (ok, I like horse stories all the time, not just when its cold and rainy, I just wanted to share these today:)

Pirate Horse wins Race. Hilarious! (Best horse name and announcing ever. Way to not take life too seriously).

Awww for the day: Mini Horse gets prosthetic leg.

Girl on horse charge a grizzly to save a young boy.  Wow that’s brave. Great story.

Path of the Horse documentary. (This is an hour long) While a little sappy, emotional, and new-agey for my taste, I do support the sentiment against cruelty to horses. (Not sure I agree with her definition of cruelty)

Haute Ecole. This Russian school (and its approach to training horses) absolutely floored me; the entire philosophy towards horse training and interacting with horses just blew my mind when I first learned about it. (Mostly, since I’m not in “horse culture,” I had never thought critically about accepted practices, or the role of horses in modern society. This subject turned out to far more interesting to me than I expected.) This man trains his horses without bits, or any head control at all, believing that bits in particular are cruel. In 2009, they quit riding their horses altogether, after gathering evidence showing the damage it does to horses backs. While they claim to have scientific evidence, I’m not sure I’m buying all of what they’re selling. However, again I applaud their efforts to prevent cruelty to horses, and find the talent and accomplishments at this school absolutely amazing. The photos are unbearably beautiful. His talent in training horses is undeniable.

(pics are from the school’s website:

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