More moto madness….New moto!

There are just too many places that need to be explored by motorcycle that the street bikes just can’t go. After talking about picking up some used dual-sports for years (street legal dirt bikes), it’s time to go for it. Plus, one of our friends just happened to have the exact model I was interested in for sale. Long suffering from MMS (Multiple Motorcycle Syndrome), we made room in the garage this week for a new to me 2009 Honda CRF230L.


Motorcycles are like guns, or shoes, you need different types for different purposes :)


Kevin won’t be far behind me. We’re ready for some real riding weather so we can go exploring off-road. 2013 is about to get a lot dirtier!

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2 Responses to More moto madness….New moto!

  1. Ive always wanted to have a duel sport, have a great time with that cool bike.

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