Sunday Afternoon Hike at Hanging Rock

Where else to go for a short afternoon hike but our favorite state park? It was just beautiful outside today, sunny and in the upper 50s.

Look, a picture with me in it. IMG_2925s


Kevin turned on tracks on his phone this time, so we had all kinds of neat stats about our hike.


Total distance: 5.5 mi
Elevation Gain: 1323 ft
Min elevation: 1537 ft
Max elevation: 2044 ft
Difference: 507 ft
Average speed: 2.2 mi/hr
Average moving speed: 3.5 mi/hr

We hadn’t hiked the main hanging rock trail in awhile, so we decided to hike to the top and enjoy the view and a nice lunch break. That trail isn’t very long, however, so since it was nice and we wanted to stay out a little longer, we turned off on the wolf rock trail on the way back to create a longer loop.

We were only in the park for about 2.5 hours, which is perfect for an afternoon outing that doesn’t consume the whole day. A break for lunch and a short water break on the wolf rock yielded an average speed of 2.2 mi/hr and an average moving speed of 3.5 mi/hr. That seems fairly fast to me for hiking, and I doubt a could maintain that pace for longer hikes with a full pack, but it felt fairly casual today. After a week at the keyboard and staying inside on a rainy Saturday, we both remarked several times that it felt great to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

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