Moto Tag x 2

Why play one moto tag game when you can play two in one day? Spring decided to make a brief appearance on Saturday, with sunny weather and temps over 70° F. 70! In the middle of March! Of course we put aside other plans for the weekend and went for a small ride.


The weather report threatened rain and thunderstorms during the day, but it lied as none ever showed. Just in case, and because we didn’t feel like expending the energy on a big ride, we decided to keep closer to home. We started the day with intention jumping into the local NC moto tag game that includes a few counties around where we live. However, I was too lazy getting on the road, and by the time I was ready to leave, someone had already posted the grab for the tag we were going after. Huh.


So, I checked the statewide game, and the most recent tag just happened to be pretty close. Ok, we’ll join that game instead (most people that play moto tag, play several tag games, its not like you have to pick just one).


After a ride down the excellent and twisty NC Hwy 66, which we inexplicably don’t ride very often, to grab the tag from the state moto tag game, we headed south into town. This gave us a chance to find some free wi-fi, stop at the local moto dealer so I could look for some new moto gloves, and grab lunch. (My hunt for new gloves continues, why is it so hard to replace my current gloves?). While posting the grab for the state-wide game, I noticed that the new tag had been posted for the local game. We couldn’t find its specific location on the map, but the general area wasn’t very far, so why not try for the double play?


That tag was definitely in a area with no cell coverage, so posting the grab would have to wait.  We still needed to find new tag locations for both games at this point, so we meandered home, stopping twice to take photos at new tag locations we hoped would be at least a little interesting, not duplicates from earlier in the game, and far enough from the previous tag to be worth playing.


Once home, I was excited to check the threads for updates, and was delighted that our double play was successful. I have to laugh at myself for checking the threads pretty often today, looking to see where our tags get moved. The weather was cold and terrible today though, so I expect the tags will probably sit at least a few days. We’ve now participated once in three separate tag games, and I expect we’ll play the two local games semi-regularly. The local tag we grabbed this time taught us about a local historic site, so moto tag is definitely providing a fun way to explore.

3/16/2013 – 162 miles total round trip, playing both NC Tag o Rama, and the NCNC moto tag games.

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