Short Ride – Moto Tag: RAT

Ah, spring in NC, with fickle and rapidly changing weather. It still seems like its too cold out to ride most of the time. Temps were in the 40s yesterday morning, and I was firmly in the “nope, its too cold to ride, I have things to do, I am staying inside” camp. But by about 2:30 or so I was finished with what I wanted to do for the day, the sun was out, temps were in the upper 50s (which the weather had not called for), and the RAT was close by. (RAT = Roanoke Area Tag, get it? The mascot is a toy “rat.” Don’t groan and roll your eyes like that, I think its cute.)


Basically, we had a few free hours to play, and didn’t have to go very far to get the tag, so off we went on a small adventure.



Our short ride took us on a roughly 90 mile loop through the hilly farm country of south, rural Virginia. I love this part of the country. I really don’t understand why more people don’t want to live here, but I’m glad they don’t. Of all the places we’ve ridden, southern Appalachia is my favorite.

Leaving the house in the middle of the afternoon meant we didn’t move the tag very far, but we settled on a fun spot we hadn’t ridden to in awhile.


Today is cold and overcast and raining. Actually, this morning, is was raining AND snowing at the same time, with a little bit of accumulation, which was awesome. Glad we went out yesterday while we had the chance.

3/23/2013 – 96 miles round trip through Kibler valley, with the heat cranked up,  playing the Roanoke tag game.

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