Moto Trip – Austin TX Moto GP (4/24/2013 AR-MS-TN)

This picture of me completely swallowed by every layer of clothing I brought, plus the rain suit, basically says all you need to know about the ride today. I felt completely ridiculous in that get-up, but I did manage to stay mostly warm enough, and we didn’t actually get rained on very much.


I have my arms out like that because I felt like a little kid in a snowsuit. I could sit reasonably comfortably in a riding position, but that was about it. Don’t ask me to move much otherwise. Getting on and off the bike must have been hilarious to watch. I deliberately did not drink much, because it took several minutes for me to de-layer enough to use the restroom.


If you have cause to dress like that, you must be on an adventure.

At the end of this particular long, cold day, Marvin’s Family Restaurant was an oasis of warmth and comfort food. Marvin’s is what Golden Corral wishes it could be, and has personality in spades. The country décor and mural on the walls told us exactly what kind of place this was. At $7, the buffet was almost half the price, and the quality was the same, albeit with less variety. Neither restaurant is normally my first choice of places to eat out, but after a long cold day on the road, Marvin’s country cookin’ was exactly the right place to go before seeking refuge from the cold in another hotel.


4/24/2013 – 345 miles. Even in the cold and the rain, Tennessee is fantastic (especially the eastern part). It might be my favorite state.

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