Moto Trip – Austin TX Moto GP (4/26/2013 NC – Home Again)

Time to go home! Finally, the last day on the road.

The lows last night were not in the 40s. They were in the 30s, and I was freezing, and did not sleep well. Thanks hun.

However, the sun was out again, so the temps warmed quickly (a little bit), and once I was out and moving and had some hot tea, things got a little better.


We still had to bundle up, but by late morning, it was comfortable to ride without the rain jacket. Despite being in the middle of some of our favorite riding country, today we just wanted to get home. We hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed northeast.


We stopped in Asheville for lunch. Any day with a Cookout shake is a good day. (Cookout doesn’t exist outside of NC yet, but its basically the best fast food/burger joint ever. Their burgers are like homemade burgers, and the shakes are the best on the planet. I will go considerably out of my way to eat at a Coookout if possible).


We felt good after lunch, and decided that we still had time to run up the parkway and take secondary roads and still make it home before dark. The parkway was not terribly busy for a Friday afternoon, and the fast pace on a beautiful road with great scenery was turning into a lovely way to end the trip.  Until about 20 miles outside of Asheville, when we ran into this:


Uh, how about some signs before we reach the closed section? Apparently we got on at a road that didn’t warn us about the closure. We had to backtrack almost all the way to Asheville before there was a chance to get off the parkway. Huh. Now it was after 2 pm, and we were still in Asheville. At this point, we said forget it, and got on the interstate. Despite being in the middle of our favorite riding country, it was time to just get home. Four hours and 200 miles later (we did have to stop several times), and our 2013 Texas Moto Trip was over.


4/26/2013 – 348 Miles. This was mostly a fun trip, but far more difficult than the last one. Cold weather and the pace were mostly to blame. 350-400 mile days are too much to do more than a couple of days in a row (at least for me on the Monster). We didn’t want to dedicate more time, but making the trip a few days longer would have set a far more manageable pace. Texas in April is fantastic, but the states in between NC and Texas were definitely still subject to late spring cold fronts.

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2 Responses to Moto Trip – Austin TX Moto GP (4/26/2013 NC – Home Again)

  1. Beth Engel says:

    Gregg told me he went to Cookout when he was visiting his friend many years ago in NC and he agrees about the milkshake being the best in the world. He is drooling right now….

    • amytracker says:

      Beth, I would bring all of you a cookout shake right now if I could:) They really are drool worthy:) Its probably for the best that the closest one is on town over, and not within my normal driving pattern. If we’re out somewhere and its anything close to time to eat, and happen to pass by a cookout, Kevin doesn’t even ask, he just goes. If we’re in the car and I’m driving, it doesn’t even have to be meal time, I get a shake anyway:)

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