Moto Trip – Austin TX Moto GP (4/22/2013 TX-OK)

In all of our traveling and riding around, neither of us had ever been to Oklahoma. Maybe it really is in the middle of no-where, as we’ve never had a reason to go, and it has never been on the way to or from anywhere we were going. However, our trip to TX brought us closer to the 46th state than we’re likely to be any time soon, so the plan was hatched for our route home. From our warm, dry, and overpriced campsite at Inks Lake (seriously, it was $35 for a tent site), we headed north, with the goal of passing through Oklahoma, and exploring the Ozarks in northern Arkansas on the way home.

Northern and eastern Texas is full of limestone. Limestone buildings were everywhere, including limestone barns, and this limestone rest stop along the road.


Even though we avoid the interstate, it matters less in the plains states. All the roads are straight, and high speed. At least the secondary roads took us through picturesque farmland. This is definitely cruiser country, but the nice weather made the ride pleasant enough, if fairly boring. We crossed into Oklahoma near the end of the day.

After two days at the racetrack, we were definitely back in road-trip mode. We put in as many miles as we could without pushing, until it was time to stop for dinner and find a campsite. Since we were in Hugo, OK at this point, the nearby Hugo Lake State Park sounded nice.


And it was. Se set up and ate dinner with the sun setting over the lake. We had a whole section of the campground to ourselves, and the setting of our soft, grassy tent site was just beautiful.


4/22/2013 – 365 miles. Nice warm and sunny weather. Boring roads, but pretty enough. North Texas gets much greener. Gorgeous campground gets demerits for the traumatic, bug-infested, poorly maintained camp bathroom. Kevin will smile forever at the memory of me screeching and running in terror from the truly gigantic moths darting around the women’s room.

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