2013 Austin, TX Moto GP Moto Adventure Trip Stats

2013 Austin, TX Moto GP Motocamping Trip: 4/16/2013 – 4/26/2013

2013 Austin Moto GP trip map

11 Days
3311 Miles
9 States (NC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, OK, AR, TN)

Average miles per 10 riding days: 331 mi.
Most miles in a day: 443 mi.

Average cost per day: $151.36

Food: $26.73/day
Fuel: $52.09/day
Lodging: $63.10/day (5 nights camping, 5 nights hotel)
(average cost to camp: $17.60/night)
(average cost per hotel: $108.60/night (staying in Austin was expensive, skewed the average cost higher)
Other: $15.18 (tickets, chain lube, other misc. costs)

Looks like this was a comparatively expensive trip. Higher mileage days added to the fuel cost. Cold and otherwise adverse weather sent us inside more nights, raising the lodging cost. Austin was expensive across the board, including attending the race at $89/person, and the high cost of eating at the track. Basically, its possible to lower the cost per day significantly by camping more and buying food from the grocery store, and by not traveling to cities.  However, the point of this trip was to travel to Austin and see the race, and we had a great time, so the cost was easily worth it. I just like to put up expense figures: 1) it helps me plan future trips; other people have posted these numbers which has helped me in the past, so maybe someone will find these useful, and 2) I’m betting I’ll see a rising cost over time. The trick will be sorting out inflation from possible changes in spending habits. (ok shorter answer, I’m a dork that likes numbers and metrics. I actually like measuring spending to see where it goes, and if we can improve, and looking at trends. There, I said it:)

For all the posts and pics from our 2013 Austin TX Moto GP Trip, Go here.
Picture gallery here: 2013 Austin, TX Moto GP Moto Adventure Gallery

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