Garage Door

When we first moved to our little patch of paradise in rural North Carolina, we had just graduated, and were basically still poor college students. Time rich, and cash poor, it made sense to spend significant effort to save money, and our “live in the barn/shop while saving for the house” strategy is an exercise in DIY thrift. (Also, I still maintain most people buy far too much house). I think this strategy is paying off rather well, but some of those “this will do for now until the time is right” decisions have been in place long enough, and the right time is fast approaching, at least for a few small changes like the garage door.

IMG_3104s   IMG_3116s


(And yes, we propped the doors open with cinder blocks for all seven years:)

Those swing-style barn doors on the garage had overstayed their welcome. At the time, I praised Kevin’s craftsmanship and embraced the doors as charming and in keeping with our pastoral setting.  However, after seven years of getting out of the car and braving the rain and cold to open and shut the doors, the charm has long worn off. Earlier this spring we had a new garage door installed. The installer was done by lunch, and it took us several weeks to get around to finishing the trim, but now my garage opens and closes at the touch of a button.


Building a house will happen eventually, (if we can ever decide what we want to build), but for now, I’m happy to laugh at the ridiculous satisfaction I’m getting out of having an automatic garage door.

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One Response to Garage Door

  1. Joe Jones says:

    Congrats on the new garage door! I felt a disturbance in the Force. I, too, just bought a new garage door. In fact, two of them. One for FrankenBarn and one for the house.

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