Probably can’t ride the street bikes here:


This grassy hilltop where we had lunch is inside an off-road park with a network of trails not too far away. This section was nice, and the weather was just perfect, but overall I don’t think we’ll be back to this park. Off-road riding is a whole other set of skills, and these steep, rutted , sometimes rocky and/or greasy and tight trails are a bit above my level at the moment. A pleasant ride though the woods it was not. I even got test out my newly installed hand guards when my bike took an unexpected dirt nap early on in the day (the hand guards are worth every penny).  Not sure yet if this off-road stuff is for me.

Getting to this waterfall, however, was a lot more fun.


This is not far from our house, but we’ve never hiked in to see it. Riding there by road, and then just riding up the trail to the falls was fantastic.


We’ve ridden by the trailhead numerous times, but never stopped to walk the short trail in to the see the falls. I’m pretty sure Cody would like to come back and go for a swim later this summer.

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One Response to Dualsportin’

  1. Duel Sporting Rocks, specially when you have trails like that to ride on!

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