A fall day ride

All of my plans to take pictures of the bikes with pretty fall foliage this year have been thwarted, both by mother nature, and by circumstance. Mother nature has given us more wet weather, and has yet to provide any brilliant fall color, instead turning the leaves muted colors at best, or going straight to brown. Circumstance (read: work, of course) has meant we haven’t had much time to ride anyway.

Thus, I am reduced to posting just a couple of moto tag photos from our ride this Sunday. I usually refrain from posting tag photos, as they tend to only be interesting to people actually playing the tag game. However, there haven’t been any street bike posts in awhile, and I feel irrationally compelled to post evidence of riding the Monster. (See? Look, these pictures prove I still do fun stuff worth posting about!……I promise the Monster hasn’t just been sitting for months…..yikes).

moto tag



Sunday was a very nice day to ride. Temps in the 60s, and severe clear. Fall has definitely arrived, so out came the heated jacket to keep me comfortable at speed. (I am a complete wuss. Anything below 70, and I like to have at least a little bit of heat, or I start to get cold after awhile. In fairness, temps were down to 50 at elevation on the Parkway).

I’m a little surprised no one got to the tag before we did. It was about 100 miles from home for us to get the tag, and I didn’t exactly rush out of the house in the morning. It was 1:30 before we got to the tag site, after taking a less than direct route to get there. We weren’t concerned, it felt good just to ride, and meander back home looking for somewhere moderately interesting to drop off the new tag.

10/20/2013 – 250 mi. taking a day off to ride in the beautiful fall sunshine.

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