Had the chance to fly in a small plane recently, and snapped a few pics and little video of the experience. I’ve flown in small four seat-er planes like this Mooney before, but it doesn’t happen very often. (Also, I’ve learned that the back two seats on planes in this class only questionably accommodate normal sized human adults. Kevin had the front passenger seat, and I was glad I was the only one in the back).

I really enjoyed the pretty early morning scenery:
(Sorry for the terrible cell phone pics. It didn’t occur to me to bring a real camera. Plus, I leave my cell phone camera on the lowest resolution settings for playing moto tag (small files for uploading to the forum), so these could have been a lot better if I had remembered to turn the resolution back up).





At one point, we were approaching a layer of clouds. From above the layer, the clouds were beautiful to watch. They looked like gigantic rolling waves in places, and like a crinkled up cotton blanket losing its stuffing in others.

Some video of the flying experience below:

(Sorry about the last bit of video. The camera wouldn’t stop recording, and I didn’t realize it at first. I don’t currently have any video editing software, and I’m too lazy right now to try to find something free to download and then figure out how to shorten the file, so this is what you get. Its still pretty neat.)

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