More Monster Farkling

Santa brought some tasty moto bits this Christmas, including some Motovation Accessories Universal Fit Bar End Weights/Sliders.

The factory bar end caps on the stock Monster handle bar were just cheap plastic things that have been lost over time along the road. The resulting unfinished looking open ends on the bars bothered me less than the tendency of my heated grips to slowly slide off the bars when in use. Those empty, unweighted bar ends also tended to vibrate a bit more than I would like. Thus, the selected bar end weights/sliders; finished looking bar ends that should keep the grips in place, bar end weights to reduce vibration, and a slider for some protection in case of a tip over. Voila.





This was a very easy bolt on install that could not have taken more than 5 minutes, and I’m pleased with the initial apparent quality of the parts. Now I need to wait for a warm enough day to try them out:)

Remember: FARKLE means to modify or accessorize ones motorcycle. Its a tongue-in-cheek combination of “function” and “sparkle,” that also stands for “Fancy Accessory Really Kool Likely Expensive.” I’m pretty sure there is no limit to the amount of farkling that can be done to any given bike:)

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