A Rafter of Turkeys

Rafter, or a gang; either is correct terminology according to the governments official list of what to call various groups of animals. Regardless, a group of wild turkeys strolled through the yard yesterday. There must have been 8-10 of them; it was hard to get an accurate count as it was unclear if they were ever all out in the open at once.

I don’t have a zoom lens yet for the new camera, so the turkeys were a bit out of reach. I also took the photos through the window, since there was no way they would have stayed put for me to get photos if I went out in the yard, so this is what you get.



The USGS list linked above is fun in a nerdy and somewhat useless sort of way (most of us have no reason to remember what to call a group of badgers (a cete, btw)). But really, if I’d ever known some of these before, I’d just forgotten: a shiver of sharks, a streak of tigers, a dule of doves (or pitying if turtle doves), and a parliament of owls might be my favorite. Some of these are just too funny: an army of herring (fantastic imagery), and a prickle of porcupines (really? seriously?). The best is a a bloat of hippopotamuses, mostly because its nice to know how to correctly pluralize hippopotamus, and you just never know when you may need to refer to a group of them.

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2 Responses to A Rafter of Turkeys

  1. Dad says:

    Did Cody see them? I can’t imagine him allowing them to stay around.

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