Links – Another Tech Edition

Here are some fun tech related links from ’round the internet:

What Machines Can’t Do – Related to the perpetual fear that technology will displace the workforce. I’m not worried though. Freeing people from from jobs that can be automated allows better use of time.  I will admit, however, that we may be facing a problem for people with no higher level skills.

Online Grocery Shopping is Back? – Oh man, I can only wish.  I HATE going to the grocery store. If I could shop for groceries online too, I would never have to leave the house, it would be GREAT.

Orbitz Lab’s apps – Hmm, this is potentially awesome. We’ll see where it goes. I may use the heck out of this. (Better data is better, not more).

Homeless, Unemployed, and Surviving on Bitcoins – I love bitcoins. Also, we bought a few when they were $1. Right now, they are around $800/bitcoin. I hope bitcoin (or a similar crypto-currency) takes over.

Box – Pretty neat video.

Retro Tech – Vintage Computing Across America – Steve Roberts is pretty famous in certain circles. I’ve heard of him before, but this has some neat videos. I really appreciate that the future was just not happening fast enough for him.

Even older Tech – IBM’s SAGE, 1956 – Yup, pretty cool stuff.

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