More Snow

Sun, then snow, then sun, then…

More snow:

*dramatic sigh*. Harumph. We had to cancel two appointments on Monday because of the weather. We looked at the forecast, and rescheduled for today.

Naturally, that forecast was a bit off. There have been several inches of accumulation over last night and this morning. The roads are a mess.  Over my protestations earlier today, Kevin insisted on giving it a shot to make the drive. The only reason we got anywhere at all was due to taking the truck with four wheel drive. It took over an hour to reach the interstate (which normally takes 30-40 min), and even it was not much better than the other roads (the on and off ramps were disasters,  with stuck vehicles, including at least one semi). North Carolina just does not have the ability to handle this much snow. We just don’t get this weather often enough to justify paying for all those plows.

We ended up re-scheduling those appointments, again. Very frustrating.  I’m lodging a formal complaint that this kind of weather is totally unacceptable for this time of year. A snowy winter wonderland is only magical at the beginning of the season. It should be understood that we have THINGS to DO. (I’m sure my complaint will be taken into consideration.) March can just take a hike as far as I’m concerned.

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