Renee Cormier on world moto travel

At 33 years old, Renee Cormier, a Canadian working in Colorado, quit his job and sold everything (house, car, personal possessions, and all but one motorcycle), to travel the world by motorcycle (on about $26/day).  He traveled the globe for four years, and now, for part of the year, gives talks about his trip. (Other parts of the year, he leads motorcycle and Safari tours in Africa).

Since we love all things moto travel, and wanted to go for a ride yesterday, we took a little ride to Roanoke to play a bit of moto tag, and hang out at the BMW moto dealer to listen to Renee’s presentation, which was excellent.


The talk also gave us an opportunity to pick up his book, “The University of Gravel Roads, Global Lessons from a Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure.”


We had both seen his book before, and had it on the list to pick up one day. He self-published, so we liked buying directly from him in person, as he gets to keep all the money above his costs. We figure it worth it to hear the amazing stories from a guy who sold everything and spent it all on  a world-wide moto adventure.

Riding on such a beautiful day (spring weather is slowly making an appearance, I’ll take 60s and sunny), and then getting to hear about an excellent world-wide moto adventure is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. Renee’s presentation was great, and the Q&A afterwards was informative and full of useful and funny anecdotes. There are quite a few people who are doing, or have done, world moto travel, and we always enjoy hearing about their experiences. (Other famous books in this genre are Mondo Enduro, and Jupiter’s Travels, among several others). If you like travel at all, attending one of these talks is great entertainment (well, the two we’ve been to anyway). The downside, of course, is all those photos of beautiful locations and stories of adventure do nothing to quell our wanderlust. I left yesterday’s talk ready to take another moto trip.

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