Cody and the Turkey

Cody caught a turkey yesterday, and it may have been the highlight of his life. At least, it was very exciting. It seemed like he knew that this what what he was born to do, to fetch injured and dead birds. Its in his genes, generations of breeding for just that task.

He was able to catch it because it was clearly a very injured and/or sick bird, discovered while on a walk near the house. The bird was not going to make it before Cody discovered it, but Cody sealed its fate as he shook it nearly to death in utter delight. He was just devastated when  Kevin was able to catch up to him to take it away. The highs and lows in life can just happen so fast:)


I love that Kevin was able to catch the moment on camera. Its pretty good photo for a phone camera. That is a dog on a mission, poor bird.

In other news, March has apparently forgotten the old adage about “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”  Our pattern this spring continues: we enjoyed a 200+ mile motorcycle ride this weekend in beautiful sunny weather, and today we have this:



Truthfully, it’s rather lovely, if mis-timed.

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4 Responses to Cody and the Turkey

  1. Helen Tepfer says:

    I bet Cody still has turkey on his breath and a smile on his face….lol

  2. Wendy says:

    Save the feathers for me, please!

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