Ride and Hike – Buffalo Mountain

Despite enjoying both motorcycle riding and hiking, we usually don’t combine the two. We’re ATGATT (All the gear, all the time – referring to safety gear) kind of people, and that usually means its not worth the effort at trail heads to change out of the moto gear and find a way to secure it while we go for a hike. Plus, we really like taking the dog on hikes, it makes him so happy.

So we didn’t set out to go for a hike yesterday, but the opportunity presented itself while riding around playing a little moto tag. Fantastic spring weather is finally here (hurray!), so we hopped on the dualsports in search of dirt roads. After picking up the tag and discussing where to place it next, we realized we’d never been up Buffalo Mountain, which at nearly 4000 ft, is one of the area’s major geographic features.

As it turns out, once you ride up the dirt road to the parking lot, there is a steep hiking trail a bit over a mile long to the summit.



While I do not suggest hiking the incline in moto pants and boots, the effort is completely worth it for the fantastic 360° views at the top.


We were also lucky in that we basically had the summit to ourselves for the 20 minutes we spent looking around; we somehow timed it just right to meet several groups descending the trail on our way up, and a large group a from a geology society climbing the trail on our way down.

I’ve never played with panoramic photos before, but took 360° shots at the top with the intention of stitching them together to make a panorama. The free software I downloaded seems to be working well (Hugin, although I had to download an older version to keep it from crashing….), but WordPress doesn’t allow me to host panoramas here. Huh. That’s kinda lame WordPress. So, I’m hosting the photo elsewhere, and am going to see what happens when I display it below. Click on the photo to see the whole picture, which represents about a 180° view.

Ok, so…I hosted the panorama on photobucket, and linked it here…..and the result is kinda lame. The image is smaller than uploaded, and is not handled by this wordpress theme properly, as it spills over into the sidebar. I wish you could click on the image as shown, and see the full size image. Does anyone know how to do this? I’m using the online and free version of wordpress (no plug ins allowed), so am I getting what I paid for and just can’t have this functionality? My google fu must be weak on this topic, because my searching hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

If I can just switch themes on wordpress and display panoramas, I might do that, but I don’t think that’s the problem. It kind of looks like I just don’t get to display panoramic photos, which is disappointing.

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