Antique Moto Show

Just a few pics and some video from the AMCA Southern National Meet we rode to last Saturday (Club meet and Antique Motorcycle Show of sorts). Actually, while the old motorcycles were neat, there weren’t really that many, and some of the other old tech at the show was just as fun for me.

For example, the venue is also home for enthusiasts of hit-and-miss engines. I loved this one that’s powering an ice cream maker:

This giant piston/tower thing made me think I was at Burning Man for a second there.


There was also a building with a bunch of old belt-drive machine tools. The fun part was that they were almost all running.

I really loved the working machine tools. Tools like these absolutely transformed manufacturing, but can you imagine using these in comparison to, say, a modern CNC milling machine?

Especially the shaper tools in the video below. All I could think was that you had better really know what you are doing. Ya’ll be careful now….



There was also a building with antique radios, and some washing machines:


Some actual moto pics:


DSC01270s edit

This clip sums up the experience pretty well (you could always tell where this guy was from that exhaust note).



Another fun attraction was the little gymkhana course (riding around cones) set up on the grass for a little friendly competition. Its fun to see the old bikes run, and is a great reminder of how much better modern bikes are. One guy was just amazing to watch. Not only could he ride the course better than anyone else on some giant, heavy old bike, but you could see him adjusting the mixture, while riding the course, just to keep it running. The controls were non-standard as well, and it seemed like every limb was doing at least two jobs just to keep the thing moving.

That guy also excelled at the challenge where you had to try to ride by the traffic cones, and set a tennis ball on top of each one. No one else could do it, the balls always fell off, but this guy stuck every one, and was able to complete the challenge by riding back through the course and picking them all back up off the cones. (How he even had a hand free to handle the tennis balls is impressive).


People had traveled from all over the attend this event, and the campground looked full. I had just about as much fun checking out the hundred of bikes in the parking lot as I did inside the show.

I’m not really an old bike enthusiast, so a couple of hours on a nice Saturday at this show was enough for me.

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  1. Great photos, good event and fun times, NICE!

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