Moto AK – Bonus Dempster Content

I edited the previous post on the Dempster, but since I don’t want you to miss  SINGLE MOMENT (not really) of our awesome adventure, I’m including the best part of the editing here in this bonus post so you don’t miss it, and because we find it amusing:

So, we buy a lot of eggs to have for breakfast in camp, because hard boiling eggs is easy to do, and its cheap and delicious (with a little salt and pepper) protein that sticks with you awhile. We bought a dozen eggs in Whitehorse, and then for some reason that escapes us now, rode the up the entire dempster without cooking them. Thus, we have created:


Can you ride to Inuvik with a dozen raw eggs? We only lost two, can you beat our record?

Pro tip: Do not store them in your topbox underneath your laptop (which is still preferable to on top of your laptop), without adding additional packaging. Plastic bags (without holes in the bottom) are your friend.

Also, eggs are really expensive in Inuvik, they were about $4/dozen.

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