Moto Ak – Dawson City and Top of the World Highway to Alaska!

7/20/2014 – 2 mi – Dawson City, YK, CN
We spent a cold and rainy day in Dawson city. Packed up camp in the morning in on and off drizzle, then went back over the river on the ferry to the visitor center to find information on the weather. Learned that is was supposed to be cold and rainy all day, but sunny tomorrow. Decided to ride the unpaved top of the world highway into Alaska in sunny weather tomorrow, and spend the day checking out Dawson City, and staying inside. The guide at the visitor center called the El Dorado Hotel for us, and we supposedly got a discount, and paid $99 for the room, less than the reported $125 others had paid. So heads up; maybe that’s a secret way to save a few dollars. We had told her we were considering staying the day, but would maybe leave, and she offered up the discount to stay. The El Dorado supposedly has metered internet with a 250MB limit, but we were never cut off.



We did leave the room for lunch, and to walk around town, and then went out again for dinner. Had some delicious foodie tacos for lunch from the Aloha Tacos stand, highly recommended. Dawson City has a small Jack London museum, with his cabin recreated from half the original logs. The other half of the original logs went to the Jack London museum in California. Walked along the river for a bit in the afternoon, read the signs describing Dawson’s history, and marveled at the madness of the gold rush. Dawson City was apparently an incredible place for about two years. The photos of the river filled with Sternwheelers were incredible. Ate at Sourdough Joes for dinner, and I had delicious halibut fish and chips. Sorry for all the food photos, apparently I like to eat a lot on cold and rainy days when we aren’t doing much else. I do try to save those photos for the really good stuff, plus I’m pretty sure any good ride report needs its share of food photography.


DSC02294s DSC02299s DSC02304s

7/21/2014 – 299 mi – Top of the World Highway to Alaska!
Over three weeks after leaving home to go on our Alaska vacation, we finally made it to Alaska. Waiting a day to ride the top of the world highway in the dry and sun was a great idea. I’m pretty sure I would not have like the dirt road in the wet, but in the dry with the sun shining and pretty views, it was a pleasant ride. I’m wondering if we’re already getting scenery fatigue, because after the Dempster, the Top of the World Highway seemed less impressive than it otherwise might.

(The bikes are just visible in the center of the pic).
DSC02308s DSC02310s

We stopped just before the border, you can just see the little green border crossing station buildings below. For some reason, that particular pull out had dozens of cairns covering the hillside (the little piles of rocks).


DSC02319s DSC02323s


Compare and contrast above and below.






We landed in Chicken Alaska for fuel, and were the only non BMW GS motos in the lot, until a Honda and a Triumph Tiger pulled in as we were leaving. The weather was really nice today, and we didn’t have a particular plan other than to head towards Fairbanks, so we rode to Delta Junction, the official end of the Alaska Highway, and found a camp site in a state park. I was really tired when we stopped at Delta Junction, and should have taken a longer break, as my judgment was clearly impaired. Kevin wanted to go ten miles up the road to another state park further off the road, but I wanted to land right away, so we went to the first available campground. The campsites themselves were fine, but the campground was located between the highway and an apparently busy regional airport. Not so smart, or very relaxing with all the noise pollution. Some pilot was apparently getting his required hours in, so earplugs were required to sleep to block out the noise of touch-and-goes.

DSC02334s DSC02339s DSC02340s

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  1. katrina says:

    Love it!!enjoy we love you.alls well here

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    Thanks for the up date , take care Uncle Bill

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