Moto Ak – Seward SeaLife Center to Homer

8/6/2014 – 209 mi – Seward to Homer
The Alaska SeaLife Center made a nice stop in the morning before heading out of town. The aquarium and rehabilitation and research center was built after the tsunami that took out much of coastal Alaska in 1964 (the Good Friday earthquake). The bird exhibit might be our favorite. After you pass through the double doors, you are directly in the enclosure with the birds. We could have reached out and touched them, except the signs explicitly asked you not to. We really liked the puffins (everybody likes the puffins), as their ability to both fly and swim underwater is amazing (also they are cute).


DSC03118s DSC03122s DSC03128es DSC03137s DSC03142s

A sea lion, and some seals in a separate enclosure. DSC03145s DSC03155s DSC03161s

The center does quite a bit of work with rehabilitating injured and sick animals.


The first floor had underwater viewing of the same enclosures. I wish we had gotten video of the puffins swimming down to the bottom of the tank. DSC03198es DSC03208es DSC03213s DSC03219es

Grabbed lunch in town before hitting the road. Mmmm. Delicious caribou sausage tacos.20140806_121140s

From Seward, we rode north and then back south along the west side of the Kenai Peninsula to Homer.

Took the bikes down to the beach for a quick rest stop along the way. We sort of wanted to ride a bit and find a spot to camp on the beach next to the cliffs, but the cold and wind made that seem less pleasant than it otherwise might. Also, I wasn’t too sure about taking my loaded bike riding on the beach.


We didn’t stay long in Homer. It seems to be a jumping off point to take charter boats for fishing, and taking the ferry to access other places not accessible by road. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore, so we rode out on the spit to the ferry, and then turned around and rode back to find dinner in town. After some delicious Halibut, we rode back north to camp with an ocean view just north of anchor point.

I really wanted to get a cinnamon roll from the bakery in this strip, but we were there off hours. I was crushed, and my quest for a really good fresh made cinnamon roll continues.


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  1. Those puffins are radical. I need one for a pet.

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