Moto AK – So long for now Alaska, South on the Alcan to Liard Hot Springs BC

8/12/2014 – 385 mi – So Long for Now Alaska, Ride from Valdez to Alcan, headed south
Once again, 50 Miles north of Valdez, the weather was dry and sunny. Valdez was the last hurrah for this trip. It’s a long way home to NC from here. We certainly didn’t get to do everything on our list for Alaska, but we’re both pretty happy with how much we were able to see and do.

Our fuel stop in Glenallen makes three times we’ve stopped at that service station this trip. After a quick stop in Tok, we made it over the border, and found a campsite a bit further south just off the road.


8/13/2014 – 270 mi – Ride to Whitehorse
This is where I ran out of fuel, 13 miles north of the gas station in Destruction Bay. Oops. We had a bit left in the rotopax, so it was no big deal, but I still haven’t figured out why we didn’t stop for gas at the last opportunity. In fairness, the headwinds really cut into the mileage, making it to Destruction Bay would not normally have been a problem.


Kathy and Glenn were waiting for us at our usual guest accommodations in Whitehorse…sort of. We’d left it that we’d probably stay again one more night on our way back through. We’d emailed them to warn of our impending arrival, but they had been about as out of contact as we had. After we left their house the last time about three weeks ago, they had left the next day to head south for a three week trip of their own. None of us were sure of schedules, or if we would rendezvous again, or had contacted the other for three weeks. When we pulled up to their house on Wednesday night, they’d been home for about 20 minutes. I’m sure they were just thrilled to see us ride up. (Glenn was out front, and looked very surprised). Thanks a million to both of you, and in my case, especially for the fresh Saskatoon berries and raspberries with cream and sugar.

8/14/2014 –406 mi – change TR650 tires in Whitehorse, ride to Liard Hot Springs
We stopped in Whitehorse again first because we love it in Whitehorse, and also because I wanted to exchange my mostly worn TKC80s for the street tires I had left there. It’s time for a shout out to Yukon Honda, as they are the place to go in Whitehorse if you are on a moto. The folks there are just generally knowledgeable, friendly, very helpful, moto enthusiasts. On our way up, they had 3 of 4 tires in stock we wanted for off-pavement without us calling ahead, and went out of their way to help locate the fourth tire, as well as generally putting up with us hanging around their showroom all day while we figured it out. They also held our street tires for us. Kevin ended up not needing his, but they put mine back on for the trip home. (Hoping my original street tires will last at least to the lower 48, maybe even all the way home). I’m not always comfortable handing my moto over to other people, but I had no problem with Yukon Honda or The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage. Kudos guys, thanks for the help. (Also, they found my ride report, so now I feel compelled to suck up :).

Further down the Alcan, we stopped at the obligatory Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake. Fun stop on a sunny afternoon, and sure enough there really are signs from all over the world.




Buffalo on the Alcan.DSC03477s

We made it to Liard Hot Springs to camp for the night. Everybody and their brother had insisted that we needed to stop there, so anyone we met on the road reading this, you can relax; we did finally make it to Liard Hot Springs. And it is pretty awesome. This time, we actually went in and enjoyed the hot water. It was a bit of a push, riding 400 miles (after leaving Whitehorse after 10am) to reach the hot springs that evening, but it was worth it. We also met Johan and Ils, two amazing Belgians traveling the Americas by moto. They have travelled all through south and central America, and rode all the way north to Prudhoe Bay.  We had a great time talking with them, think they are just fantastic, and would love to meet up with them again and hear more. (I hope you guys find this blog. Let me know if you need help shopping for another moto). It would be amazing if we met up with them again when they get to the eastern US. Website here: (use google translate from Dutch to English).

DSC03483s DSC03486s DSC03489s

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  1. A trip that dreams are made from.

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