Andrew’s Great Adventures – crossing paths again

Remember when we met Andrew Siess this summer at a rest stop in North Dakota, on our way to Alaska on an epic moto adventure? (Third picture down on this page.) Andrew is walking (and sometimes running, or sailing) around the world. He took a couple of months off from his journey earlier this year when he reached his home in MN (he started in Italy over two years ago).

About a month ago, I noticed his facebook page said he was on the move again, and in TN. So I emailed him.  Fast forward a bit, and we got a call the Monday before Thanksgiving saying he would reach Winston-Salem that evening.  Let’s see: Andrew the world traveler, a random guy we happened upon in ND this summer, is passing within about an hours’ moto ride of our house, and its an unusually warm and sunny 70°F day in NC. Clearly  no more work was getting done that day: I baked some brownies for him to fuel his journey, and we rode off to find Andrew along the side of the road.


We managed to find him on the road not far from the end of his day. As expected, Andrew’s trip is as fun and interesting as ever. At least, I get a huge kick out of it. Our afternoon mission morphed into an evening hanging out with more fellow travelers and moto enthusiasts, listening to the stories of varied experience I love so much. For Andrew’s part, he’s on his way east right now, headed for somewhere on the east coast of the US, where he’ll leave for Portugal, to walk to his starting location in Italy. Safe Travels Andrew!

P.S. – Here is a great video about Andrew’s friends finding and meeting up with him in Mongolia: IDEA Finds Andrew

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