The Great 2014 Year End Link Dump

Lately, I have not been disciplined about curating interesting links, and posting them here regularly like I have in the past. Every time I look at my saved links, I get lazy, and think, “I’ll post that later.” The list has gotten quite long, and some of the links are getting a bit old. But there’s a whole bunch of really good stuff in there, covering a wide range of subjects. I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to clear out the list, and start 2015 off with a blank slate. Thus, I give you The Great 2014 Year End Link Dump. Happy Reading and Happy New Year! (You can thank me for the distraction later).

Moto/Auto Links:
Electric MotoCzysz E1pc Is Epic
Brammo Gets Dirty With Six Speeds
Visual Dictionary: Funny Motorcycle Terms You Should Know

People saying interesting things:
An interview with Lorde (I’m not supposed to admit I like her music but I do)
Quite Simply The Greatest Graduation Speech Ever Given. And Just 335 Words Long
50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History
An opinion on gun control – I kind of just want to point people to this rather than repeat myself over and over
Meet Patrick Byrne: Bitcoin Messiah, CEO of Overstock, Scourge of Wall Street – This guy is GREAT, and this article is fantastic
The Local-Global Flip, or, “The Lanier Effect”

Why Do Societies Give Up?
Chicago police stop immediate responses to burglaries and thefts
Government – by Frederic Bastiat, 1848 – should be mandatory reading
When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State

Retrotechtacular: Lighting the Way for Talkie Pictures with Optical Sound Recording
Celebrating 25 Years of Not Getting Lost Thanks to GPS
A Virtuoso Robot Band Whose Guitarist Has 78 Fingers (Of course Squarepusher wrote music for this)
AFTERGLOW – Lightsuit Segment (fun video)
A Rare Peek Inside Amazon’s Massive Wish-Fulfilling Machine

Design/Web Design
Why Jony Ive Shouldn’t Kill Off Apple’s Skeuomorphic Interfaces
Why Things Fail: From Tires to Helicopter Blades, Everything Breaks Eventually
How a Web Design goes straigh to hell – this. so much this.
Restaurant websites: Why are they so awful?
What I want from a restaurant website – again, The Oatmeal nails it :)

And finally, a couple of random food gifs
Chocolate Chip Cookies

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