MotoMark1 Maximum Control Level 1

A few years ago I set an informal goal to take one moto riding skills class every year. I started with Cornerspin in 2012 (which set the expectations mighty high for excellent moto riding class experiences, plus Kevin took that with me as well), and I took Lee Park’s Total Control in 2013 (which I also found worthwhile).  Then I dropped the ball in 2014 and didn’t make time to take a class.

I’ve gotten more organized about moto classes for 2015; I spent a recent Saturday taking the MotoMark1 Maximum Control Level 1 class.  Its another parking lot class to work on technique, but with emphasis on the really slow speed stuff, which riders know is often the most difficult to execute in the real world.  Drills involved cone weaves and u-turns, and the instructors are motor officers, who often teach other law enforcement. If you want to get into moto gymkhana, this is a good class to take.



Overall I’m glad I went; I got enough out of it to make for a worthwhile day trip (class wasonly about an hour ride or so from my house). I really appreciated their use of technology; we wore earbuds in our helmets connected to a radio, so we could actually hear the instructors in real time, instead of doing a drill and then waiting for feedback. They also took video, which is extremely helpful to watch. At first I doubted that the effort to take video of us doing drills was worth it, but I doubt no longer; watching yourself execute the drills is really useful.


Here is a super boring video of me doing a u-turn inside the boundary. If you are actually riding in the class, the drills are a bit more fun:)

I’m still not that great at u-turns, but now at least now I can practice properly. Taking classes definitely improves my skill faster than just trying to figure it out on my own, although I should follow it up with actually practicing sometimes too.


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